Your Freelancer Hiring Checklist

Hiring freelancers is complex. Our checklist makes it simple to work with freelancers.

We’ll help you activate the liquid workforce, adding value to your team of full-time employees.
Your Freelancer Hiring Checklist from Liquid

Do you have questions about hiring freelancers?

Did you know that 10-20% of all workers are misclassified, putting employers at risk for violating tax laws? This freelancer hiring checklist checklist equips you with the information needed to properly hire freelancers.

Employers of all sizes experience confusion in how to classify a worker and what type of back-of-office work is required to hire freelancers. This checklist will help you stay organized in hiring and maintaining a working relationship with your freelancer, or team of freelance knowledge workers.

Liquid's Freelancer Hiring Checklist

What’s In the Freelancer Hiring Checklist

  • The types of documents needed.
  • Where digital integrations can be leveraged.
  • The main differences in hiring a full-time and freelance knowledge worker.
  • The framework to hire and work with an entire team of freelance knowledge workers.

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Your Freelancer Hiring Checklist

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    Your Freelancer Hiring Checklist from Liquid

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