Features Tailored for your Growing, Flexible, and Global Team.

Liquid: the fastest and easiest way to onboard and pay your global, liquid workforce.
  • Onboarding that is standardized and customizable
  • Templates for contracts and tax forms
  • Compliance checklist for your global workforce
  • Easily execute and manage all contracts and work orders
  • Invoices matched to work orders for approval
  • Automated work order and invoice approval system
  • Invoices paid in 3 clicks and payments received in 2-3 days
  • International payments to 175+ countries
  • Sync with accounting systems

Invite and Onboard Your Contractors and Vendors Quickly

Easily set up your onboarding process with our smart contract templates or your own. Then, it only takes one minute to invite a new teammate — and you can be sure everyone filled out all the right documents and forms every time. All executed paperwork are centrally stored and organized for easy access and for compliance.

Add Vendors Quickly in Liquid

Send off Work Orders Quickly in Liquid

Control Expenses with Work Orders

Clear scopes of work (or work orders) ensure everyone agrees to proper deliverables, rates, and expectations—setting projects up for success. We make it easy for you to create or accept work orders for your team, and use these work orders to project upcoming cash needs. You will never have any surprise invoices again.

Match and Approve Invoices Easily

Incoming invoices are automatically reviewed against agreed-upon work orders to avoid unintended overbilling. Invoices can also be automatically routed to the right hiring managers for approvals. With tools like time tracker and invoice creator, your invoices will have the right level of information.

Match and Approve Invoices Easily in Liquid

Make Payments to Anywhere in the World with Liquid

Secure Payments Anywhere in the World

Our partnerships with global banks make it so payments to 175+ countries via ACH, cards, and wires can all be done quickly, simply, securely, and affordably. We background check your payees for you, who will reliably receive your payments within 2-3 days. You can also sync your payment data with your accounting system.

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Onboard & manage your liquid workforce

Onboarding new independent contractors and vendors is now a seamless experience. Liquid is the resource to minimize and control risk for your contracts and paperwork. Whether you’re hiring your first or your 500th independent contractor, Liquid has you covered.

Quickly and easily set up your onboarding process with Liquid’s smart templates or your own, and then you’re ready to invite. Liquid is your secret weapon in scaling your workforce. With executed documents centrally stored, your projects can proceed effortlessly.

Manage your projects with control

A clear scope of work ensures both parties agree to project deliverables, rates and expectation—setting everyone up for success.

Liquid provides the project management tools to organize, communicate and track details of every project ensuring quality of work and avoiding unanticipated overages. With all active projects in one central location, you’ll never waste time searching for relevant details.
Projects with Liquid

Invoicing with Liquid

Approve and pay invoices within minutes

Streamline invoice approvals and payments with a uniform process to avoid future headaches.

Incoming invoices are automatically routed to the right team members for approvals. With automatic verification, invoices are reviewed against agreed-upon SOWs avoiding all unintended overbilling. For ease, all project and payment data can be synced with your current accounting systems.

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Complete vendor and contractor management.

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