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Frequently Asked Questions

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What payment methods are available for paying my Liquid workforce?

Currently, payment on Liquid can be done via a credit/debit card, or via ACH in US dollars.

Can I send money in Liquid via ACH (electronic transfer)?

Yes, as a Client user of Liquid you can send money quickly and safely via ACH to your Vendors. When paying domestic vendors, the fee is $3 per invoice; when paying international vendors, the fee is $8 per invoice.

Can I send wire transfers internationally in Liquid?

As a Client user of Liquid, you can send money securely to your international vendors for a $8 fee per invoice. Your money is withdrawn from your bank account via ACH and transferred to your Vendor via wire transfer.

Can I make payments via credit card in Liquid?

As a Client user of Liquid, you are eligible to make secure payments on invoices via credit card after making 5 successful ACH payments. When you pay an invoice via credit card, the fee is 5% of the invoice amount.

How long does a payment take in Liquid?

Domestic payments take 2-3 business days. International payments take 3-5 business days.

Does Liquid integrate with my accounting software?

Liquid currently integrates with QuickBooks. Future software upgrades will include integrations with other accounting software, so please let us know which software you would like an integration with.

How secure is Liquid?

In short, very secure. Please see our security page for more information.

What’s Plaid and what does that have to do with Liquid?

Plaid makes a product that allows users to securely connect bank accounts to apps. They’re used by companies like American Express and Venmo to authenticate and verify bank accounts instantly. This enables Liquid to facilitate quick transfers between accounts via ACH. You can learn more about Plaid at plaid.com or read this to learn more about Plaid and Liquid.

Is Plaid secure?

Plaid is very secure and connects to more than 10,000+ US financial institutions and is used by more than 3,000 financial apps and services (including Liquid). In fact, one in four US adults has connected a financial account to an app with Plaid (and that number is growing daily).

How do I add my bank account to Liquid when it can’t be found in Plaid?

For the smallest banks or credit unions, Plaid offers manual micro-deposits in which users will confirm the deposited amounts. When you can’t find your bank account, press the small button that says “Link with account numbers.” Then, you will be able to manually enter your account information. Plaid offers Same Day ACH so micro-deposits appear in an account within 1 business day. Click here to view how to add your bank account to Liquid when it isn’t found in Plaid.

Who are Liquid’s banking partners?

Liquid’s current bank partners include J.P. Morgan.

What does Liquid use my social security number for?

For clients, we use your SSN solely to verify your identify. Your information is encrypted and secure at all times. We do not check your credit score or perform any credit checks. For vendors, your SSN is additionally used for your W9. In general, we recommend that you consider requesting an EIN from the IRS.

What does Liquid use my employer identification number for?

For clients, we use your EIN solely to verify your identify. We do not check your credit score or perform any credit checks. For vendors, your EIN is additionally used for your W9.

Why does Liquid ask for my bank account when setting up my account as a Vendor?

As a vendor using Liquid, you must add a bank account to your Liquid account. When your clients use Liquid to pay invoices for the projects you do for them. Adding your bank account allows you to receive those funds. As a Vendor on Liquid, we do not charge you any fees to use Liquid.

What do I have to do to verify my account to make payments?

To use all the features of Liquid, our banking partners require us to perform KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. Learn more about the KYC verification process here.

Is your customer’s data encrypted?

At Liquid, we take the security and availability of our customer’s data very seriously. Liquid is built on a secure network infrastructure with all customer data encrypted both in transit and at rest. Liquid uses state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission (HTTPS) and in our databases (AES 256 encryption keys). Our servers are kept in PCI certified data centers with 24×7 monitoring. Our applications’ infrastructure platform meets or exceeds a broad set of international, industry, and regional compliance standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, and are audited at least annually by independent third-party auditors.

Is access into Liquid secure?

Yes. Access into poweredbyliquid.com is done using your email address and password.

Where does your data center reside?

Our data centers reside in the Microsoft Azure West US region in California. Details on compliance can be found here.

Is the platform available 100% of the time?

Liquid does its best to keep the platform availability zones and backup sites to maintain our availability. However, there can be a rare occurrence of a circumstance that is not under Liquid’s control such as an outage. Our commitment to our enterprise customers is 99.9% uptime.

Is your platform 100% vulnerability free?

No platform is 100% vulnerability free, but Azure is regularly updated to address any security threats by software patching, and hardware / location security. Liquid also limits employee access to our customer data, as well as our codebase, and our code goes through review using industry best practices and rigorous quality assurance.

Is Liquid PCI-DSS compliant?

Yes. The PCI-DSS certification process is designed to protect your sensitive data. When credit card information is added, the cardholder information is never transmitted through our servers.
 Liquid does not store any sensitive credit card information on our servers but uses a card processor (Chase PaymentTech) which is a certified Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider (the highest level), which requires an annual independent security audit of its processes and systems. Liquid and our 3rd party card processor test the system daily (manually and automatically) to ensure security.

How can I contact Liquid regarding its security practices?

You can contact the security team via this email: security@poweredbyliquid.com

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