January 27, 2021

Plaid and Liquid

Learn about what Plaid is, how it works, why it’s secure, and why and how Liquid connects with Plaid.

Plaid and Liquid: a secure connection

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Liquid uses Plaid to allow our users (both Clients and Vendors) to connect their bank accounts to Liquid. This allows Clients to make invoice payments via ACH. And for US-based Vendors, this allows us to deposit funds into your account via ACH. 

For Liquid to connect to your bank, we’ll need you to provide your banking information through Plaid. Rest assured, your information is only used to send you money and is transmitted and stored securely. Read on to learn more about Plaid and Liquid.

What’s Plaid and what does that have to do with Liquid?

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Plaid makes a product that allows users to securely connect bank accounts to apps. They’re used by companies like American Express and Venmo to authenticate and verify bank accounts instantly. This enables Liquid to facilitate quick transfers between accounts via ACH. You can learn more about Plaid at plaid.com. 

How secure is Plaid?

Plaid is very secure and connects to more than 10,000+ US financial institutions and is used by more than 3,000 financial apps and services (including Liquid). In fact, one in four US adults has connected a financial account to an app with Plaid (and that number is growing daily).

When I login to Plaid on Liquid, is that information shared with Liquid?

When you are filling out information in Plaid, none of that information is shared with Liquid. You can rest assured that Liquid does not and will not have access to your banking login information. Once your account is verified by Plaid, Plaid sends to Liquid your routing number and account number to our encrypted servers. For Client users, this information is used only upon your authorization to make payments and, if you have this option selected, to pay your Liquid platform and transaction fees. For Vendor users, this information is only used to deposit funds into your account. 

Plaid setup in Liquid

How do I add my bank account to Liquid when it can’t be found in Plaid?

For the smallest banks or credit unions, Plaid offers manual micro-deposits in which users will confirm the deposited amounts. When you can’t find your bank account, press the small button that says “Link with account numbers.” Then, you will be able to manually enter your account information. Plaid offers Same Day ACH so micro-deposits appear in an account within 1 business day. Click here to view how to add your bank account to Liquid when it isn’t found in Plaid.

How to add your bank to Liquid via routing number and account number
Adding your bank account via Plaid with account number and routing number

What if I don’t want to enter my bank login info into Plaid?

Even if your bank is listed as an option for direct login, you can choose to connect it via manual micro-deposits instead. Simply type characters until you see a small button that says “Link with account numbers.” Then, you will be able to enter your account information manually. Plaid offers Same Day ACH, so micro-deposits appear in an account within 1 business day. Then, you will need to come back to Liquid and confirm the deposited amounts to verify your bank account. Click here to view how to add your bank account to Liquid by entering your routing number and bank account number (with manual verification via micro deposits).

What are Plaid micro deposits?

If you are unable to login in to your account in Plaid, or choose not to login to your account in Plaid, then Plaid will make 2 micro deposits into your account (these deposits may be listed as Liquid or Plaid in your account). Then, Plaid will  immediately reverse the micro deposits via one debit that in total equals the amount of both microdeposits. To verify your account in Plaid (so that Plaid can connect your account to Liquid), you must log back in to Liquid and verify your micro deposit amounts in the Plaid windows within Liquid.  If you do not verify your micro deposit amounts, then your bank account cannot be used with Liquid.

How to verify your bank to Liquid via routing number and account number
Verifying the micro deposit amounts for bank accounts added via Plaid with account number and routing number

What if I get an error while adding my bank account?

If you get an error in Plaid while adding your bank account, please reach out to us via support@poweredbyliquid.com and via the chat function. In addition, please reach out to your bank to ask if there are known issues with connecting with Plaid. There are some banks that may require you to log in to your account via Plaid on Liquid (as some banks, such as Chime, do not support adding accounts via routing number and account number). Also, you may want to review Plaid documentation and consider reaching out to Plaid directly.

Example Plaid Error Message

How is my Liquid data encrypted?

At Liquid, we take the security and availability of our customer’s data very seriously. Liquid is built on a secure network infrastructure with all customer data encrypted both in transit and at rest. Liquid uses state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission (HTTPS) and in our databases (AES 256 encryption keys). Our servers are kept in PCI certified data centers with 24×7 monitoring. Our applications’ infrastructure platform meets or exceeds a broad set of international, industry, and regional compliance standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, and are audited at least annually by independent third-party auditors.

What if I am a Vendor located internationally?

Vendors located outside of the United States (even those with US bank accounts) will be presented with a different form to add their foreign bank account to Liquid. The international bank form and international bankauthentication method does not use Plaid. US Vendors can read more about adding their US bank account to Liquid via Plaid here.

What do I do if I have more questions about Plaid?

You may contact Plaid directly via the chat function on this page as well as contact Liquid via our chat function (or via support@poweredbyliquid.com). 

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Updated: January 26, 2021

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