March 17, 2020

Swiminista: Scaling with a Liquid Workforce

Founder and CEO Andréa Bernholtz of Swiminista shares her secrets for successfully balancing business and life, and how working with freelancers/contractors allows her to move quickly and be more streamlined.

Liquid Founder Story: Swiminista

Spotlights Founder Stories

Founder and CEO Andréa Bernholtz’s company Swiminista makes chic eco-friendly bra-sized swimwear that empowers women’s confidence. The company’s goal is to make its customers happy and smile, wearing swimwear with a perfect fit. 

Andréa’s first fashion line, celebrity favorite Rock & Republic, made an impact on the denim industry with innovative fit technology. She grew the line into a full lifestyle brand, offering an expanded runway collection, cosmetics, and shoes.

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A Vacation with Friends Starts a Business

Andréa’s inspiration for starting Swiminista came from her own experiences with swimwear and a vacation with friends. “We were all complaining about how we couldn’t find swimwear that truly fits, one that you can adjust, one with hidden support! Since I started the brand Rock & Republic, my friends suggested that I be the one to execute this idea!”

Andréa added, “After developing the perfect fit and sourced fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, Swiminista finally launched this year [2019]!”

liquid founder story: swiminista

From Mission to Growth

In developing Swiminista, Andréa focused first on making women feel good. To design the perfect swimwear, she focused on fit with hidden power mesh and wires — “little nuances that enhance a woman’s body.” Swiminista is also environmentally conscious, with a focus on recycling and offsetting its carbon footprint.

Andréa says, “Our first mission is to make women happy, then the money will come.” She advises entrepreneurs that “it is important to focus on your mission, take the high road, and give back to your community.” 

The CEO notes that the swim market is challenging to break into, and one of the biggest lessons Swiminista has learned is the importance of social media with organic partners. Working with the Four Seasons, especially in Hawaii, has been “a dream come true.”

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Scaling with a Liquid Workforce

Swiminista relies on its liquid workforce to scale. Andréa states that Swiminista’s freelancers/contractors and “their focused expertise and experience has helped us move quickly and be more streamlined. We could not afford that many dedicated full-time employees.”

Andréa had no hesitations before engaging Swiminista’s liquid workforce. “It is a modern smart way to work and have the ability to build a business by outsourcing experts when needed.”

“It is a modern smart way to work and have the ability to build a business by outsourcing experts when needed.”
Andréa Bernholtz, Founder of Swiminista

Balancing Business and Life

“A perfect day for work is shipping day! Personally, a perfect day is my family and a beach!” For Andréa, every day at Swiminista is different which she notes is one reason why she loves what she does. “Having the ability to work remotely allows me to travel while working. Some days it’s all about design, other days it’s all about fittings and production. Every day though, I experience stress, frustration, and fear!”

If Andréa’s biography is ever written, she says the title will be “The laughter is real and so are the women!” It would also include her motto – “Always take the high road, be fair and make everything fun, and always laugh and smile!”

You can follow Swiminista’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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Updated: March 17, 2020

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