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February 18, 2020

Savage Wellness Activates the Liquid Workforce

Shannon Shearn of Savage Wellness shares her secrets to growing a startup, balancing business and life, and working with freelancers and contractors

Savage Wellness: Activating a Liquid Workforce

Spotlights Founder Stories

Founder Shannon Shearn founded Savage Wellness to provide “high-quality resources and coaching to help empower moms to effectively prioritize their health and happiness.” The company offers a virtual gym membership, coaching, action plans, and more to its clients.

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Translating Life Experience to New Business

Shannon’s inspiration for starting Savage Wellness in 2018 came from her personal experience as a new mom of two kids. “My lack of self-care and attention to my health and happiness lead to severe depression,” says Shannon. She decided to bootstrap and self-fund a new business to help moms “find an approachable and sustainable way to get and stay healthy in body and mind.”

Savage Wellness’s offerings are designed to fit into a busy mom’s life with a positive, supportive community and a coaching style that is effective and fun. Shannon adds that her company’s goal is to “help clients create a new approach to, and mindset toward, their healthy living so they can stay consistent and reach their goals amidst the chaos of motherhood.” 

From Startup to Growth

Shannon observes that she wishes she had known more about business when starting. “I think I just assumed if I built a course and resources, people would come flocking. I didn’t realize the marketing and software needed to run everything along with the help I’d need to get it all done. So I spent a year building and another year learning about marketing and sales, and now I’m ready to grow!”

Some of the business resources that Shannon relies on are Kelly Roach’s Facebook group, Stu McClaren’s podcast, Amy Porterfield’s resources, and The Mama Ladder

Shannon adds that she’s been surprised how quickly her business has grown. She’s already added an app and a membership community to serve her clients further.

Savage Wellness activates the liquid workforce.
Shannon Shearn juggling work and life.

Using a Liquid Workforce

Savage Wellness relies on a liquid workforce. Shannon notes that “I am self-funded, so finding people who can help with specific tasks without having to pay someone a salary is huge.” Her only hesitations before starting to use freelancers/contractors were how and where to find affordable contractors with high quality. “I wasn’t sure how to explain what I needed since I was so new to starting a business.” 

Based on Savage Wellness’s experience, Shannon recommends using a liquid workforce. “I value these contractors so much. We are blessed to live in a time when it’s so easy to find quality people looking for part-time, or even full-time work.”

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Balancing Business and Life

If Shannon’s biography is ever written, she says the title will be “Life’s a circus.” Her typical workday juggles getting the kids ready and off to school, doing a quick workout, finishing as much work and as many calls as possible before picking up the kids, and then taking care of some more work after bedtime for the kids.   

“I am self-funded, so finding people who can help with specific tasks without having to pay someone a salary is huge.”
Shannon Shearn, Founder of Savage Wellness

Shannon highlights the importance of balance. At her 80th birthday party, she wants “to be surrounded by a pool of amazing lifelong friends who shower me with memories of shared experiences and who remind me of the importance of love and friendship. Friendship, making memories, and living a life with no regrets (mistakes are okay, but no or very few regrets!) is what is most important to me. So on my 80th birthday, I hope to be reminded of a life well-lived and full of love!”

You can follow Savage Wellness’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

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Updated: February 18, 2020

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