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Industry Trends

Forward-thinking pieces on the future of work and the liquid workforce. We’ll give you the answers you need to move your business forward.

Forbes: Modern Businesses Need Modern Strategy

Modern Businesses Need Modern Strategy

Here’s why your business needs to adopt a modern strategy based on strategic and operational agility to thrive and grow.
increase mindfulness in the workplace

Increasing Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness is at 21st century skill; here’s how to increase your ability to stay mindful and improve wellness in the workplace.
Liquid Interviews: Tamar Renaud, COO of Vital Strategies

Tamar Renaud on the Evolving Global Workforce

Tamar Renaud talks about managing a global workforce, partnering with contractors, working remotely, and how the workforce and future of work are changing.
Forbes: The Future of Work is More Than Remote Work

The Future of Work is More Than Remote Work

For many, the future of work has become focused solely on shifting to a digital workplace but it’s so much more; it’s where workers become…
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    Industry trends are constantly evolving.

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