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Answers to all your Human Resources (HR) related questions about developing, managing, and retaining the liquid workforce.

8 Reasons to Switch to Liquid

8 Reasons to Switch to Liquid

It’s time to digitize and automate how you pay your vendors and freelancers, by switching to Liquid.
Bringing Emotions Into the Workplace

Bringing Emotions Into The Workplace

Paying attention to the emotions in your workplace may be the difference between success and failure for you and your business.
Liquid Supports Compliance with California AB5 B2B Requirements

Compliance with California AB5 B2B Requirements

Compliance with California AB5 is affecting businesses nationwide who use independent contractors and freelancers. Learn how Liquid supports your compliance with all 12 California AB5…
Secrets to Successful Freelancer Management, brought to you by Liquid

5 Secrets To Successful Freelancer Management

Freelancer relationships can easily be improved by streamlining the communication, contract, and invoice processes in a freelance management system.
Freelancer Onboarding with Liquid

Liquid: How to Onboard new Contractors and Vendors

Onboarding a new vendor is simple and straightforward with Liquid. Maintain consistency by setting up your company’s onboarding processes upfront with your standardized contracts and…

Liquid knows your HR department needs to evolve to manage your liquid workforce. We have the answers you need for your HR leaders to be successful.

Liquid is an all-in-one software solution for managing, onboarding, and paying 1099 workers, freelancers, and service vendors. We help you activate the liquid workforce.

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