January 30, 2020

Helping Finli Save Time And Money

Streamlining Contractor Management with Liquid.

Helping Finli Save Time And Money with Liquid's Freelance Management System

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Helping Finli Save Time And Money

Finli is an all-in-one payment and administration solution for neighborhood businesses such as daycares, enrichment programs, tutoring centers. At Finli, they take care of invoicing, tuition collection, enrollment, and payment-related communications through their comprehensive business management software.

Founder & CEO Lori Shao’s says her goal is for “Finli to become the go-to-platform for all family service SMBs and empower those who are small yet mighty.”

We power the liquid workforce.

liquid powers your liquid workforces

Helping Neighborhood Businesses

As a mother of two boys, Shao saw a need among educators and service providers who have become an extension of her family. These businesses were struggling under the weight of administrative tasks and could not focus on what they do best — caring for and educating children. Instead, these small business owners were chasing after past due bills and spending many hours reconciling their books hours upon hours. 

Shao realized that with her background in the payment industry, she could build a solution for these neighborhood businesses and provide them the financial lift (hence the name Finli) they deserve.

Helping Finli Save Time And Money with Liquid
Finli Founder Lori Shao with her team (comprised of full-time employees and freelancers / independent contractors)

Building A Business With A Liquid Workforce

Finli’s growth is supported by a mix of talented full-time and liquid workers, bringing together experience in payments, compliance, education, marketing, and technology. Shao notes that engaging Finli’s liquid workforce has been critical to the company’s growth. “As we focus on driving our core initiatives, we will not be nearly as effective if not for our contractors and vendors.”

Shao advises other startups considering engaging a liquid workforce to “view the liquid workforce as an opportunity to have probational relationships with skilled workers and experts. You might be able to afford them full time or have the workload capacity to bring one on board even if the cost is not an issue. Tapping into the liquid workforce allows you to have the best of both worlds.”

Liquid: features of our Freelance Management System

Automating Workforce Management

Before starting to engage 1099 workers, Shao’s only hesitation was concern about the administrative burden involved. To ensure that she could easily manage contracts, projects, and payments, she decided to start using Liquid to manage her flexible workforce. 

Liquid streamlined and automated the administrative tasks of managing Finli’s liquid talent, enabling Shao to quickly assemble contracts, W-9s, and other critical documentation to onboard new workers. Invoices and payments are easily reviewed and authorized. Now, Finli saves money and hours every month. Shao says, “I honestly can’t imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we’ve been having with Liquid.”  

“I honestly can’t imagine having a freelancer management experience better than the one we’ve been having with Liquid.”
Lori Shao, Founder of Finli

Combining Life, Work, And Growth

Tapping into the flexible workforce and using solutions like Liquid has helped Shao drive Finli’s growth while also achieving work/life balance – including the occasional karaoke session. For business advice, Shao enjoys binge reading Medium posts and surfing Pymnts.com to stay up-to-date on industry news. The most important lesson that she’s learned is that “a great idea is less significant compared to the courage to persevere.”

You can follow Finli’s journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Updated: January 30, 2020

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