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Freelancer Management

Advice, how-to’s, and answers to all your freelancer management questions — assuring smooth sailing from here on out.

Ask Liquid: What is Value-Added Tax (VAT)?

Q: What is Value-Added Tax (VAT)?

Value-Added Tax (VAT), known also as a Goods and Services Tax (GST), is a country-specific tax on products and services.
Consequences of Freelancer Misclassification

Consequences of Freelancer Misclassification

Freelancer misclassification can be costly, time-consuming, and damage your reputation. Here’s how to get ahead of independent contractor compliance.
Ask Liquid: What is an Intermediary Bank?

Q: What is an Intermediary Bank?

Intermediary banks or correspondent banks are used by some banks to transfer money between countries via international bank wires.
Clients: Work Order Details in Liquid

Clients: Work Order Details in Liquid

Liquid’s Work Order details view makes it easy to follow up on work orders and review your Master Contract, Vendor finance details, and invoice history.
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Got questions about freelancer management? Wondering how to classify someone as an employee versus an independent contractor? Or not sure how to write a Statement of Work (SOW) or a Scope of Work? Or have you just realizing that you need an independent contractor agreement / freelance contract agreement?

Liquid has the answers to your freelancer management questions.

Liquid is an all-in-one software solution for managing, onboarding, and paying 1099 workers, freelancers, and service vendors. We help you activate the liquid workforce.

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