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Answers you need about freelancer compliance.

7 Tips to Retain Freelancers

Learn how to retain your best freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants with our top management tips.

How to Manage Freelancer Payroll

Learn how to simplify and automate freelancer payroll management with Liquid’s all-in-one solution for contracting, onboarding, and paying freelancers.

6 Tips for Hiring an Outsourced QA Team

Are you eager to get the most out of your outsourced Quality Assurance (QA) team? Then, try our tips on sourcing and hiring bug-squashers that …
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Paying Freelancers and Vendors?

Our customers report that using Liquid allows them to put off hiring an Operations Manager and/or Bookkeeper.

    Got freelancer compliance questions? Wondering how to classify someone as an employee versus an independent contractor? Or wondering what other compliance issues you should be concerned about?

    Liquid has the answers to your compliance questions about freelancer management.

    Liquid is an all-in-one software solution for managing, onboarding, and paying 1099 workers, freelancers, and service vendors. We help you activate the liquid workforce.

    Complete vendor and contractor management.

    Liquid gets you paid

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