Liquid was created to help teams grow.

Teams look different today than they used to, because people work differently; more of us are contractors, more of us work remotely, and the best teams today attract the top experts no matter where they work from, or how they work.

Today, your team needs to be liquid to be competitive. And you need an onboarding and payments system tailored to this new way of working.

The Future of Work isn’t “working from home.” It’s a more expansive, inclusive, way of looking at work. It removes the boundaries and barriers to working the way people want to, so we can be more creative, and share our talents and expertise more easily. It’s moving beyond the construct of the job and discovering all the ways we can work – and live – better.

Liquid’s mission is to make this transition easier, so we can all live – and build – our best lives.

Our Team

Saujin Yi, CEO and Founder

Saujin Yi

Tamra Johnson, Chief Operating Officer

Tamra Johnson

Yolanda Lau, Chief Customer Officer

Yolanda Lau

Christopher Tearpak

Christopher Tearpak

Brooke Souza, VP Software Engineering

Brooke Souza

Sean Popock, Business Development

Sean Popock

Alex Aguilar

The Liquid Story

In 2016, we created FlexTeam, an on-demand, executive-level, project-based consulting company. None of the HR and finance software solutions we found met our needs. We realized we needed a single platform tailored for us and that could scale with us. Since there wasn’t one, we built it ourselves. Because of all the positive feedback we received, we decided to embrace the liquid workforce and make the platform available to all.

Complete vendor and contractor management.

Liquid gets you paid

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