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Onboard with Liquid
Onboard your liquid workforce in minutes with smart templates and standardized processes.
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Get ahead by automating your management system with scalable workflows.
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Save hours, reduce manual errors, and eliminate unnecessary costs with automation.

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Seamless management with Liquid


Onboard & Manage your Liquid Workforce

Onboarding new independent contractors and vendors is now a seamless experience. Maintain consistency by setting up your company’s onboarding processes upfront with your standardized contracts and documents.

Projects with Liquid
Project Management

Manage your projects with control

Liquid provides the project management tools to organize, communicate and track details of every project. And with all active projects in one central location, you’ll never waste time searching for relevant details.

Billing Management

Approve & Pay Invoices Within Minutes

By streamlining your payment processes, incoming invoices are automatically routed to the right team members for approvals. Invoices are automatically reviewed against agreed-upon SOWs to avoid unintended overbilling.
Invoicing with Liquid

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